Fedex shipment exception barcode label unreadable and replaced

Fedex shipment exception barcode label unreadable and replaced

When shipping with FedEx, we all know the quality of care and prompt delivery that comes with choosing them as your carrier. Read more to learn about the different types of exceptions that are possible with Fed-Ex's current protocols.

While there are many types of exception scenarios, likely the most common that you would run into are Pick-Up and Delivery. In this scenario, you would need to resubmit a pick-up request, and therefore would tack on an additional day to the delivery expectations. The package recipient not being available, a wrong address, inclement weather, or a damaged label usually causes a PMX status on the tracking page.

When a package is damaged in transit, the carrier puts a hold on the item rather than delivering it. If this notice appears on the tracking information, you would need to contact FedEx and make a claim. To minimize the risk of damage during transport and maximize your chances to get a refund, make sure you follow FedEx packing guidelines. If you have insured with Cabrella, the claim filing process will be much quicker than through classic channels.

Although also an infrequent occasion, from time to time a package may be lost. National carriers typically have lower limits and more restrictions than third-party insurance providers.

Compare the costs of insuring with a carrier vs a broker and choose wisely. If a number is off even by a single digit, whether it is for a zip code, a suite or apartment number, or for a street address, it can completely send the package to another destination. When a carrier notices an inconsistency with an address or name, they will give a PMX exception notice, take the shipment back to a station, and you will have to contact FedEx.

On the other hand, if the address is correct, but the label is damaged, the issues can be close to the same. During the holiday peak seasonmany services get a little more hectic, and package delivery is one of those amongst the top of the list. During this time of year, it is particularly important for parcel shippers to double and triple-check package weights, dimensions, labels, and pick up times.

Any precautions that can be taken to avoid a delivery disruption can be beneficial for all parties involved. If there is an issue with weather, labels, weights, or a huge influx of packages out of a particular area, FedEx may have to hold packages for pick up.

The majority of the time, you can expect your FedEx package to arrive on time, and unscathed, but when a problem does occur, FedEx does have a Money-Back Guarantee.

General Information

The Money-Back Guarantee is offered on every U. If you believe your package is eligible for the Money Back Guarantee, you would need to reach out to FedEx to start the refund process. Refunds are not automatic, even if the package does qualify. Life is fast-paced and can make keeping track of shipping updates difficult, but Cabrella is here to help. When you use Cabrella softwareyou can follow each transit step until your package arrives at its destination.

The easy-to-use private dashboard gives you instant access to all of your shipments and provides real-time updates on national and international tracking.

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Receiving an Exception notice via FedEx can throw a wrench in your designated arrival time, but knowing about it as fast as possible can make all the difference. This reactivity will also increase the level of service to your customers, who will receive a prompt answer when they see an exception attached to their order. Interested in seeing our software solution in action?

Tags: FedExBlog. What is a FedEx Exception? Pick Up and Delivery Exceptions While there are many types of exception scenarios, likely the most common that you would run into are Pick-Up and Delivery. Subscribe to Email Updates. All rights reserved. Created by SiO Digital.Please attach a censored version of your tracking number with every shipment inquiry!

Labels and Documentation

Click for example image. You may post anything FedEx related. Click for more information. Barcode label unreadable and replaced, then appears miles away? On Sunday I ordered a new phone with expected delivery of Tues or Wed this week. Once FedEx got the package, it said by end of day Wednesday. By 4pm on Wednesday there'd been no update that it was out for delivery.

It did say by EoD, but I'm getting it delivered to my work office address because I wouldn't have been in to sign for it at homeand they were gonna close soon until Monday morning so that worried me.

Then a little later, it changed to "scheduled delivery: pending.


I wanted to change the delivery address to my home in case it is found but the shipper doesn't allow it. Woke up this morning and checked the tracking. There was no "departed distribution centre message", but there was "arrived at other distribution centre" that is in the next state, nearly miles away. Few hours later it has now departed that far away centre, but I have no idea where it's going, or even why it's in another state to begin with. Edit: I've just learnt that I can change it on the website to be picked up at a Walgreens near me.

Don't know why the lady on the phone didn't tell me I could do that, and no guarantee it'll even get there anyway.

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Edit 2: got an update at this morning it's back in my state, but it took 16 hours to go miles, and is still miles away from me. Could still get to Walgreens this morning maybe?

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Did you ever get your phone? This just happened to me with something I ordered, hoping I still get it this week Yeah I got it eventually. I think it arrived at Walgreens on a Saturday, but I didn't get the notification til 8 pm on Sunday, which really confused the store employee as they hadn't had a delivery that day.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.I know generally when it says Shipment exception that means the package could have been damaged or the label is unreadable or something of that sort. Does this mean it will continue on it route to my house? The estimated delivery was moved back a day but that is all.

So does the replaced label mean it is replaced with a good one and will continue to my house? This just means that somehow part of the barcode or address on your package was ripped or torn.

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Usually this is discovered at distribution centers, where they replace the entire label so there are no problems further down the road. Usually there is a delay when this is done because they're transferring the packages to trucks for delivery when it's noticed.

By the time they replace the label, the truck that the package would have been on has already left for that day. Once they've replaced the label, be assured it will be on it's way and will arrive on the estimated delivery day.

Now my question is, my order says Shipment except and in the details column it says: "Barcode label unreadable and replaced" Does this mean it will continue on it route to my house?

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Should I be worried? I've seen horror stories about mangled parts and don't really want to have to ship it back. Nothing to worry about! Just means that the automated sorter or handheld barcode scanner couldn't read the label, so someone reprints the label and it continues on its journey. Happened to me a few times and my package always arrived safely. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Well there is nothing you can do except wait and see, why even make a Reddit topic about this Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Rule 3 Don't link to threads in other subreddits. This includes NP links and archived links. Do not attempt to circumvent this rule by any means.I have not had good luck shipping lately I took my box to the local Mail Boxes Etc this past Friday. I had planned on DHL, but they had already picked up their shipment for the day, and the FedEx guy was still there, and it was the same price, so I shipped it FedEx ground.

I SAW the label get put on my box. I even flattened it a second time myself. Nothing was amiss. WTF did they DO to it in the less-than-two-hours they had it to make the barcode unreadable?

And why hasn't it moved? The address was written on the label as well, and its on 3 different faces of the box, clearly legible. I should have used DHL, dammit. This has xmas presents in it, hence my concern.

fedex shipment exception barcode label unreadable and replaced

I wouldn't be worried, except it should have left town today, its been sitting in fort worth about 15 minutes from here for three days I doubt it's a big deal. The last update for that tracking number shows it was scanned after the exception, and fedex ground doesn't ship over the weekend, so if it just hit the sort facility on friday night it probably sat until monday night.

I wouldn't freak out. I've never had UPS fuck up a packa There's your answer!

fedex shipment exception barcode label unreadable and replaced

God, how could I be so stupid?!? Seriously now. I've gotten packages from all three that have had some pretty fucked up labels. And these are small, 6x12" boxes, nothing sticking out, nothin. Scratches, black streaks, whatever. I guess sometimes they get -really- fucked up, really fast. I wouldn't be too worried. The label probably got smudged or something.

The only 'shipping exception' I've had was when they forgot to load my package on a truck. I was not pleased. I've had overall good luck with FedEx though. I made a few calls and the package has left FortWorth. They replaced the label and it shipped on time. It wont be scanned again until it arrives in MA Those are presents for me. Thank you. They managed to lose TWO packages of mine, even after they said they delivered them.

I was home when they said they did. About one and a half months later, some guy about 50 miles from us found one in a ditch across the street from his house. Oh, and there's a mountain range in between us. I have had packages lost, mangled, dispaear, late, eaten, drunk and killed by all of the major and minor carriers. Off the top of my head USPS drank a case of my beer shotgunned the cans and put them back in the caseUPS lost 2 cases of SunDrop soda, DHL just bent my new windshield wipers the box was destroyed, why they even bothered to deliver it is beyond meFedex delivered a package that was never found again, airborne hmm actually I dont think they were ever an issue except for a couple late deliveries.So I ordered the d-link wireless adaptors from Woot on August 4th, and my credit card was charged on the 5th.

I still have not recieved them. And I live in DFW too, guys! Now, the new rep said that best case scenario is Monday, with most likely shipping date on Wednesday for Thursday or Friday delivery.

For a same city delivery! I have had repeated issues with UPS, not of this caliber, but bad enough, so I request Fedex on the majority of my online purchases, and they are almost always ahead of schedule. Hell, I got 2 sets of wheels and tires 3 days early via Fedex, something I expected to be late, not together, and I expected at least one damaged box in the proecss, but no.

Sorry to hear about the bad experience, I would have been extremely upset and trying to contact Fedex upper management a few days ago. Post up when you get this resolved. I apologize for invading your forum up front, but feel this is worth while and will only take 15 seconds away from a chat. Give the Gift of Site. Please donate any used pair of prescription glasses to help both children and adults that cannot afford clear vision, to see for the first time. Not asking for money, just one pair or as many as you can find laying around [h] to help people that cannot afford to see.

I will post pictures and stories from the Sonora, MX mission I will be on in September off site to show you what your contributions meant to the people in need. This comes out of my pocket; this is just one of many, and I do mean many, charities I try to support. Fed Ex Problem.

Damn, am I frusrated right now. Give the Gift of Site Please donate any used pair of prescription glasses to help both children and adults that cannot afford clear vision, to see for the first time.Sometimes, a FedEx package might not arrive on the doorstep when promised. Or it does, but the shipper or customer receives a shipping exception notification before it arrives.

Again, not all indicate a package will be late, just that something different happened. A package with a damaged bar code, a holiday, or someone eating lunch and not answering the door to sign for a package can trigger a shipping exception as well. Like the weather or a business closing early for the day. However, there are others you can plan for. Here are some to consider:. Alerting customers to potential delays before the package is sent goes a long way in setting customer expectations and improving relationships.

Getting a service exception for a delay is less problematic for customers when they knew before shipping to anticipate one. FedEx offers this money-back guarantee for transportation costs for every U.

Customers can receive a credit for the shipping charges, or a refund. The money-back-guarantee will not be applied automatically.

It leaves the onus on the customer to stay on top of the complicated and sometimes narrow band of allowable refunds.

fedex shipment exception barcode label unreadable and replaced

Check the FedEx Service Guide for all the details. Requesting and processing FedEx shipping exception refunds is highly regulated by FedEx as well. The request method you must use may depend on the FedEx service. And it must be done quickly. They require requests for those transportation charges to be received within 15 calendar days of the invoice date or within 15 calendar days from the shipping date, depending on how you pay for their services.

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And FedEx can suspend their money-back guarantee at any time at their discretion, which would leave the shipper with no other remedy. Does that sound like a lot of very technical work? Do you have someone on staff who can tackle that and do it quickly and accurately? The money shows up as a service credit in your account, and Shipware only receives a small portion of that as payment.

Onboarding into the secure Shipware platform takes less than five minutes for set-up, and then it runs automatically. Shipware delivers volume parcel and less-than-truckload shippers intelligent and innovative distribution solutions and strategies.

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